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Verizon Impacts 1X Coverage Outside of Suburban America for Prepaid Customers

  Prepaid customers on Verizon service outside of major metropolitan areas will now face reduced 1X coverage as a result of new policy changes. This is an area where prepaid services such as those offered by Ting, however, are not affected. Areas Affected and How it Affects You 1X coverage has been reduced from 850 MHz to 700 MHz. The biggest impact will be in areas outside of large metropolitan cities, which are typically covered by the 850 MHz band. 1X only exists on the 850 MHz band - meaning if your device isn't compatible with it, you're out of luck. Because Ting is not a Verizon MVNO, customers who use Ting outside of major metropolitan areas will not be affected. Prepaid customers who use a device that is compatible with the 700 MHz band - for example, the iPhone 4S and up - will likely see no change in coverage or call quality. If you have a Verizon prepaid phone from before 2012, it's possible that your device isn't capable of using the 700 MHz band. Ting offe
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What Are Mark Cuban's Achievements

  Mark Cuban is an American business man who is best known for his tenure as the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. He has also appeared on television several times, including as a guest star on ABC's Shark Tank. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1958, Mark Cuban would attend high school at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School before transferring to Indiana University. He would graduate in 1981 with a degree in business administration. Cuban has had several high-profile jobs that have helped him amass his wealth. They include owner of the broadcasting company HDNet, founder of the internet radio broadcaster, chairman and CEO of MicroSolutions, Inc., president of Your Business Software, and owner of 2929 Entertainment. One of the more notable aspects about Cuban is his net worth; it currently stands at 2.6 billion dollars. His wealth has had some contribution through the buying and selling of stocks. He also makes money off of his blog that he